We are a team of experienced data scientists with a passion for unlocking the potential of data and delivering actionable business insights. Utilizing tools such as Tableau and Power BI, we deliver powerful and professional visualizations ready for presentation to all levels of the business.

We have previously:

  • Built Executive and Operational dashboards to support business needs
  • Automated manual processes
  • Forecasted order volumes based on seasonality and customer communication trends
  • Created models to predict hiring needs and demand
  • Streamlined workforce efficiency and utilization
  • Identified the impact of geodemographic trends within customer bases
  • Designed contracts with solid performance metric requirements

We firmly believe data professionals need to work closely with their clients to incorporate their business knowledge for the best results to be realized. Nothing improves an analysis more than the native knowledge of those who are well-versed in their respective industry. Essentially, we help businesses put their data to work: whether that’s identifying the customers most likely to churn, guiding an email campaign to the most receptive audience, or predicting inventory needs.

All businesses have questions – We are here to answer them.