Welcome to Dreamlined! While the services we offer vary, the one constant is our dedication to bringing your vision into focus. Whether your business would benefit from improved reporting and analytics, or you’d like to engage the editorial side of the house, we are here to help.


Dreamlined LLC is a CO-based consulting business currently offering support both in analytics and editing. Our services can be engaged on a project or contract-term.


Released in April 2020, Chasing Eleven is a multi-genre collection of short stories by award-winning author Dan M. Kalin.

Released in January 2019, Martyrs Al-Sabra is an award-winning political thriller set in the aftermath of the US 2020 Presidential Election.

Released in 2018, Bubble Off-Plumb is genre-busting collection of 26 stories meant for readers who prefer an odd story with their tea and biscuits.

Released in 2017, Dad’s Last Dog is the offbeat life story of a man who never stopped swinging for the fences his entire life, and the dog who watched over him at the end.